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Patrik presented at French Chamber of Commerce to share business case on engaging suppliers in susta

"How to engage your suppliers on sustainability topics?" Have you ever wondered about this?

On June 12, our CEO Patrik Sandin was invited to present at the French Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (CCI France Chine Shanghai) to share The Natural Step’s business case on this topic. The event aimed to highlight the importance of building mutual understanding of each other’s point of view and challenges in order to set up inclusive and relevant bespoke strategies for a sustainable supply chain.

Patrik introduced the sustainability trends and challenges in the textile industry, as well as The Natural Step’s experience in engaging suppliers to embrace sustainability. He presented one of our cases with a top 15 garment manufacturer in China, which is also the platinum knitting wear supplier for multiple international fashion brands. The business case showcased how we led our client through multiple years of sustainability business transformation journey, including developing a sustainability vision and strategy, embedding sustainability into core operations, using our framework and methodologies to identify the opportunities in circular economy initiatives to close the loop on different materials such as plastic, textiles and others. All of these in turn not only helped the client achieve better sustainability performance and have also yield significant financial gains.

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