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Sustainability workshop at China Europe International Business School

On May 22, our CEO, Patrik Sandin, and Director of Corporate Advisory & Innovation Services, Lin Zhang, were invited by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), one of the world’s leading Business Schools, to deliver a sustainability workshop as part of the closing ceremony of the CEIBS Sustainability Week, an event that aims to raise sustainability awareness among future business leaders. Thrive Together Ltd. were chosen to conclude the event not only because of we apply The Natural Step’s science-based framework and definition of sustainability, but also due to our rich experience in helping companies successfully applying the framework in their sustainability transition journey.

The workshop was kicked-off by introducing The Natural Step’s Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD), providing the workshop participants with a holistic, science-based systems view of sustainability. Equipped with this knowledge, the participants gained hands-on experience by applying ABCD Backcasting approach and the Four Sustainability Principles to envision what a sustainable CEIBS look like as well as drew pathways towards the visions and discussed priorities.

The workshop attracted students and professors from MBA and other programs, as well as CEIBS alumni and external exports. The Professor Lydia J. Price, responsible for the Sustainable Development Course at CEIBS, also participated in the workshop.

We customized this workshop with the intention to inspire participants to view business through the lenses of sustainability, and to encourage them to seek innovation opportunities using strategic sustainability approach. We are delighted that the participants appreciated the workshop and are motivated to apply the learning in their professional career. We look forward to going back to CEIBS for future engagements.

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