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Patrik Sandin spoke at Rotary Club Shanghai about leveraging exponential technologies for a better w

Today, our founder Patrik Sandin presented at the Fresh Start Rotary Club of Shanghai to share the trends of exponential technologies and his insights on how to leverage exponentials for sustainable development of our world.

Our social-economic system is on an exponential curve in terms of population, consumption and goods produced in our society. These trends are rapidly diminishing the resources the planet provide, as well as destructing the earth’s capability to sustain our ecosystem. Accompanying the trends of increasing environmental and societal pressure, are the exponentially growing technologies that allow the abundance of the information in a digitized world. By introducing the exponential framework, exponential organization model and examples on how exponential technologies help organizations grow faster, Patrik presented his perception that by utilizing these technologies and preparing the organizations with exponential attributes will bring a great opportunity of innovation for a better world and positive impact to our society.

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