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The environmental and social systems are failing and there will be no successful business in a failed society. To become part of the solution, leaders must adopt long-term, whole earth, systems thinking, moving away from traditional economics based on scarcity to abundance thinking.  

To facilitate the necessary mindset shift we offer open and tailored in-house training courses for leaders on: strategic transformation towards sustainability, circular economy, evolution beyond growth, design thinking, open innovation, business model innovation and exponential thinking etc. We also collaborate with and guest lecture at leading universities to instill these concepts in the future generation of leaders.


We help build capacity for innovation by setting up, coaching and collaborating with corporate innovation teams. We infuse systems thinking, design thinking and open innovation methodologies, as well bring in state of the art disruptive ideas, products and services from the local and global innovation ecosystem. We help ecosystem development by connecting with startups, incubators, accelerators, hacker spaces, maker spaces, university research centers and science parks.  



Using the science based sustainability principles developed by the founders of The Natural Step close to 30 years ago we coach designers and business leaders to adopt sustainability principles as design constraints for products, service and business model innovation. Our design for sustainability tools such as SLCA, Ouro and GApp to name a few can be used to assess the impact of products and services and facilitate value chain collaboration to iterate breakthrough solutions.


To rethink how we do business, we must rethink how we value business. The idea of measuring extra-financial performance is nothing new: more than a hundred sustainability ratings and indices claim to do just that. But they’re not sending the right signals to drive a change in behaviour, for three reasons:

  • Current metrics measure relative improvement, not absolute progress.

  • Current metrics don’t recognize long-term ambitions and bold actions.

  • Current metrics fail to give companies the actionable insight they need.

We need a new approach, one which shifts the focus away from today’s bestpractice toward tomorrow’s required practice: The Future Fit Business Benchmark.


Future-Fit was co-developed by T2L's sister organization, The Natural Step, in collaboration with 3D Investment Foundation. T2L is the preferred implementation partner in Greater China and as such help companies understand the benchmark, what is required of them to become Future-Fit, guide the exploration and identification of steps needed to get there and beyond, towards becoming restorative and regenerative and part of creating sustainable abundance for all.


Exponential Organizations (“ExOs”) are a new breed of business built to benefit from the rapid development in technology. ExOs will displace and ultimately replace traditional businesses by operating 10 times better, faster and more cost effectively.


Extensively researched and based on insights from 100's of leading experts at Singularity University, the book Exponential Organizations by Salim Ismail, Yury van Geest and Michael S.Malone outlines how any company, be it a startup or a Fortune 500 can adopt exponential technologies, organizational designs and management practices to achieve exponential growth.


T2L has been trained by the ExO founders on the ExO framework and is part of the global ExO Works network of consultants delivering innovation consulting services using the framework.

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