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Below is a collection of videos, articles and website links with information produced by us or our partners that inspires us and informs our service provision.


Case Study

| Nike

As the world's leading manufacturer of athletic products, Nike was once a lightening rod for criticism in the 1990s when activists began to publicly denounce labor conditions in its overseas contract factories. Facing the crisis, Nike responded with integrating sustainability into its core business. The case study reveals how Nike runs its race of sustainability. 


Case Study | Scandic Hotels

Scandic Hotels is the largest hotel operator in the Nordic region, and one of Europe’s most successful hotel chains. For Scandic, sustainability is not just about being part of and contributing to a sustainable society and environment; it is about driving new business, working smarter and lowering costs and being part of the solution, not part of the problem.


Case Study | Interface

Interface Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of modular carpets and other floor-covering products for the commercial, institutional and residential markets. Over the years Interface has gained itself a reputation not only for high quality and innovation, but also for carrying the banner of sustainability, and being a benchmark for an entire industry.

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