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A great success on the first Chinese certification training

Location: Shanghai, China

Time: Autumn 2019, Dec. 10th to 12th

In Dec. 10th – 12th, we delivered the first The Natural Step Sustainability for Leaders certification training in Chinese in Shanghai. Almost 20 participants, travelling from Changsha, Fushun, Suzhou and different parts of Shanghai gathered in The China Academy of Science Innovation Center for a three-day intensive training. The trainees come from various roles in different industries and sectors, including management team of The Broad Group, CEO of a leading chemical company in Fushun, chairman assistant of Taiwan wooden furniture manufacture Eastmark Holdings, managers of environmental and CSR consulting firm, B Corp China project manager, certification manager of a B-certified corporate, purchasing expert of Alibaba Group, commercial manager of Jaguar Land Rover, renewable energy entrepreneur, marketing and communication experts, and educators from Shanghai Jiaotong University and student.

In the three days, we had intensive lectures and engaging activities. We also presented many business cases from the past 30 years of advisory experience. The rich and well-designed contents aroused incisive awakening and dynamic discussions among participants.

With all these great people and minds, together, we had rich, interactive, immersive and dynamic learning experience. At the end of the training, participants understood how sustainability can deliver commercial benefits and business success.

The strong interest of participants also indicates an emerging need for training on how to integrate true sustainability into business. We look forward to delivering more sustainability training and services to the Chinese audience and companies!

Happy New Year and see you next year!

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