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World Circular Economy Forum 2019 Wraps Up in Finland

Our founder Patrik Sandin, and head of advisory service, Lin Zhang were invited to attend the World Circular Economy Forum #WCEF 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. The event brought together over 2200 of the world's top business leaders, policy makers, researchers and innovators working to implement the circular economy globally. Topics ranged from plastics, construction, and textiles, to promising circular product-service concepts to policy frameworks and how to measure circularity.

During the conference, they attended the side event hosted by The Natural Step International in collaboration with Next Leaders Initiative for Sustainability (NELIS) to explore the questions "does circular=sustainable?" and "what type of leadership is needed to ensure we aim for truly circular and sustainable business within a safe operating space for humanity?"

At the side event, Lin shared lessons on challenges to improving circularity in the textile industry in China. And Patrik explored the methodology of The Natural Step's Sustainability Transition Lab approach to foster collaboration around systems change with examples from Israel, Netherlands, China and in particular, Canada. Both of the presentations aimed to discuss the use of Backcasting approach to achieve sustainability and to share the experiences in the application of the approach to attain circularity.

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