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Sustainability Innovation Workshop for a 500 Fortune Chemical Company

We delivered a two-day sustainability workshop for a 500 fortune chemical company as the first stage of our exponential sustainability sprint project.

In the workshop, the participants were introduced with sustainability principles and concepts, which led them to ideate sustainability visions for their company. They also applied sustainability principles to assess negative sustainability impacts along the entire value chain and brainstorm and prioritize improvement initiatives.

We also presented the concepts of 9 human needs. It gave the participants a new angel for understanding their products' and service's value in fulfilling basic needs of human being. In this way, they learned to use such concepts for product/service innovation that could potentially bring positive impact to the society.

As a result a number of interesting ideas were proposed and some of them may grow into concrete projects after the feasibility assessment. We look forward to seeing new initiatives will be developed from our collaboration and eventually be implemented by our client.

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