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Lin Zhang speaking about Sustainable Textiles at 2018 Green Products Assessment and Eco-Design Forum

2018 Green Product Assessment and Eco-design China Forum on January 26 2018 in Shanghai.

In 2017 we as human beings have used up more than 1.5 earth's capable capacity (Source. UN). With the raising bar on sustainable development , no matter you are from private or public sector, CEO or governor, you will face even more pressures in 2018: more demand on brand transparency, more stringent bottom line requirement, more competitive market for greener product and solutions... to name just a few.

How can a society transform business toward long term sustainability effectively? How can business create a competitive advantage through green product design and innovation? and how can public and private sector, demand and supply side, and companies from various industrial background collaborate to create synergy to fighter the problem bigger than ever?

Environmental, economical and social sustainability is the common challenge that demands more wisdom, collaboration, leadership and commitment, come and join "2018 Green Product Assessment and Eco-design China Forum", together, we make the change possible.

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