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Thrive Together Limited (T2L) is a Shanghai based think-tank and innovation consultancy. We are made up of some of the same people who launched the Greater China office of the  international sustainability non-profit The Natural Step. We are "The Natural Step inside".

We help transform organizations into exponentially restorative paradigm shifters.


We help organizations develop disruptive innovation capabilities to be fit for a future of exponentially advancing and converging technologies and increasing resource constraints as a result of the current unsustainable growth paradigm. We provide research, training and consulting services to organizations aspiring to become paradigm shifters.


Based in Shanghai we are diverse team of strategists, engineers, environmentalists, social scientists and designers united by a common belief the power of combining systems thinking, design thinking and abundance thinking to identify and iterate disruptive solutions which can rapidly scale to become paradigm shifting through the use of exponential technologies.


As a think tank and innovation consultancy, we both develop our  content as well as curate the latest relevant thought leadership from our sister organizations and partners around the world. In this section you can find white papers, reports, case studies, videos and links to interesting information.


15/F, Tower 2, Plaza 66, No.1266, West Nanjing Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, 200040

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